About Us

Zingo Ringo Books is a boutique publishing house founded on a myriad of passions -for babies, for children, for books, for writing, for art, for the written word and most importantly for drawing the limelight to Arab artists and writers who bring our rich Arabic language into the limelight.  We are huge believers in the quote "children are made readers on the lap's of their parents" and want to be part of that narrative.  Our desire is to place beautiful, modern, engaging, witty, vibrant Arabic books in the hands of your children so that story time feels a little extra special no matter what time of day or where you are. 


...because we believe that language goes beyond the mere ability to communicate.  Language is culture, food and inside jokes. It is mutual understanding and camaraderie.  It is an integral, unwavering sense of belonging to a common people who share a spoken word. 

Our desire is therefore to create a love for our rich language and culture amongst children and to make Arabic fun, attractive and exciting for the smallest people in our lives starting at a very young age because these golden years matter. 

Our aim is to reinvent Arabic children’s books by offering beautiful, high-quality enticing books that celebrate the Arabic language and Arab culture every day. We want to infuse modernity, beauty and fun into the category by providing you with books that are relevant, exciting and bold, always drawing from our memories, childhoods and culture all with the aim of encouraging children to read Arabic books for pleasure, to choose Arabic books and to make reading a favorite part of your day while creating memorable moments of learning and tenderness with your children.



We wouldn't exist if we didn't have your children as our audience.  It is with them in mind that we create.  It is by proverbially stepping into their shoes that we can dream and imagine because life through the eyes of a child is full of exciting adventures and countless learning opportunities.  We want to walk hand in hand with you through their journey of discovery and learning because the Arab generation we are molding today is the future face of the Arab world.


We have a huge admiration and respect for the illustrators we work with.  Without them, our pages would be white and our stories void of life and color.  We see every working relationship as a partnership and an opportunity to co-create magic.  If you are a children's book illustrator and are interested in joining the Zingo Ringo family, please contact us here.  We would love to hear from you. 


We don't believe in the term "suppliers" and we don't shop around for a better price.  We forge partnerships with a handful of leading printers based on loyalty, trust and a shared desire for producing high-quality books.  We take the time to think about covers, paper quality, ink type and paper weight so that the end result is a collection of beautiful and safe books you are proud to buy and your little ones are happy to flip through (and maybe even chew on!).


We are publishers but we are also mothers and fathers.  We care about you and our planet because it matters to us that the next generation grows up in a healthy environment.  We are ”slow publishers” meaning we produce responsibly.  We favor quality over quantity opting for a few meaningful books per year that are as beautiful as they are entertaining and educational. We appreciate high-quality products and are proponents of reducing consumerism, overproduction and waste to keep our planet green, healthy and full of life.

All our books are made with a lot of love and care and meet the strictest safety standards so you can be sure that your little ones can explore and nurture their curiosity whether by flipping through the pages of our books or chewing on the their spines!   Our dream is to walk by your side as you raise and nurture carefree, confident, independent, happy little people.

Happy Reading!